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Hi, folks!
It’s been long time since I haven’t posted anything on the blog.
Today I write a short article about a new open source project I’ve enjoyed short time ago.


It’s about WebDollar, a project started by Ionu╚Ť Budi╚Öteanu, who was a faculty colleague of mine and other passionate people.

The main points of WebDollar and what it brings new to the world of cryptocurrencies:

  • it’s easy to use for everyone, a plug-n-play cryptocurrency, without any software downloads or installation
  • start mining right now – as I said, you will have to press a button and start mining in your browser – because Internet coin
  • your wallet it’s accessible in your browser, crypted and secured and NOT saved in any cloud database or something like that – you can view/send and receive webdollars very fast (15 seconds maximum wait time) and create new wallets with one click
  • mine with your mobile/tablet or anything that run JavaScript
  • small size of data downloaded in browser (under 5 MB) then it’s lightest as light
  • ASIC resistant – we want to keep people together by offering an referral system and not giving them the big shark impression (those which use specialised mining machines earn a lot and others a little) – everyone will earn as they will invite others to mine in their pools
  • embed and earn – if you have a website and want to monetize it’s content then you will simply embed WebDollar script into your page and earn – without intrusive ads
  • full anonymity┬á – no cloud database, no software downloads – much better anonymity than bitcoin and ethereum
  • small fees but smaller as transaction value increases – fees┬áinversely proportional to transaction value

WebDollar References

You can fork the project here, on Github.

WebDollar White Paper can be found here.

Also, the┬átelegram group and facebook┬áif you didn’t get them from website.

Thank you for reading and we are inviting you to follow WebDollar’s website timeline for further infos and news.

Update 16.01.2018 : I have left the WebDollar project.

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facebook comments

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